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Fitness Strategy and Mindset Makeover With Heather

You have to change to change.
Getting in shape is more a mental thing that a body thing. "Your fitness is 100% mental. Your body won't go where your mind doesn't push it." To hit any fitness goal, whether's it's to lose weight or train for a race, you need to get your mind to think the right thoughts. You need to set the goal, then focus on what you need to DO, not on the scale, or how much work it will be. Every success in life is a building process of making one solid choice after another, each building on the one before. Make small, manageable, maintainable changes, and your results appear.



Sign up for your own personalized Change Challenge Program!

                                                                         - Learn to replace hold-you-back habits with move-you-forward ones
                                                                         - Improve your health and fitness mindset
                                                                         - Break through your mental blocks so your body can finally move forward
                                                                         - Create a nutrition and training plan that works for your goal and fits in your life
                                                                         - Learn how changing your thoughts about health and nutrition can transform your body


You’ll get your own personalized Fitness Strategy and an entire month of support, accountability, motivation, and the answers to any question that pops up!

Your Change Challenge Package includes -

• Initial consultation to pinpoint your specific issues and establish your goals

• Personalized nutrition strategy

• Personalized workout strategy

• Mental fitness strategy for managing cravings, temptations and food triggers

• Once a week 30 minute check-in via phone calls, face time or in person if local (4 total)

• Text and E-mails support

• Clean Eating Grocery List

• Tips and advice packet

Each plan covers a 4-week period where you get an initial goal building consultation that will get your fitness ball rolling and then 4 follow-up conversations, once a week, to keep you motivated and on track!

What the program will do for you:

• Lose layers!
• Hit your goals
• Increase your ENERGY
• Look better than you ever have
•  Feel happier
• Boost your confidence
• Most importantly - You’ll gain health and fitness knowledge you can take with you through life that will help you make the right choices to hit all your future goals.




Not interested in a whole plan and just need help starting and creating a plan? Or maybe you just need some solid advice and motivation. I'll work with you to get exactly what you need.

A La Carte Fit Help Options

• 30 minute phone session

• 1 hour phone session

• Creating a general Fitness Strategy

• Skype training session to teach moves and form

• Written workouts

• Nutritional strategy

• Workout strategy

Choose one or a combination of fitness help options to get you going and keep you going!

Write me for quotes and questions. I can put together a plan to suit your specific needs and budget. Write me and lets get started!

*A la carte prices start at $49.00


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